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  • Electronic Crockmeter WTS: Electronic Crockmeter
    Testing Standards:...

  • Scorch/Sublimation Tester WTS: Scorch/Sublimation Tester
    Testing Standards:...

  • Perspiration Tester WTS: Perspiration Tester
    Testing Standards:...

  • Double-Cylinder Launder-Ometer WTS: Double-Cylinder Launder-Ometer
    Testing Standards:...

  • (Limiting) Oxygen Index Test Apparatus WTS: (Limiting) Oxygen Index…
    Testing Standards...

  • Air Permeability Tester WTS: Air Permeability Tester
    Testing Standards:...

  • Random Tumble Pilling Tester WTS: Random Tumble Pilling…
    Standards:   ...

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